Coop's Mission

Before Cooper's passing on June 9, 2022, he used the power of his social media reach to create a meaningful and lasting impact. Coop created "Coop’s Advice" to help society understand and address mental health and addiction, especially among the members of GenZ and Gen Alpha.

The Coop's Advice Foundation will continue to pursue Cooper’s mission of trying to help and save lives with continued awareness and education about the dangers of Fentanyl and other unhealthy and negative choices to deal with the underlying issues of mental health.  The Coop's Advice Foundation has created a number of platforms to help spread Coop's message. We have launched two specific podcast series that have dramatically taken off with thousands of subscribers and viewers. We will continue to support the Coop's Advice Discord Channel which hundreds of thousands of kids around the world are utilizing this platform to discuss their own struggles with mental health and addiction and where they can find support, love, and encouragement from their peers.

We will continue to support other platforms and their work and messages such as EndOverdose, Drug-Induced Homicide Foundation, Alexandra's Law, and Fentanyl Solutions Foundation. We are supporting the Drug Enforcement Agency, which every day is on the front lines saving American lives in the battle against the cartels and fentanyl. We want to help spread the DEA's message and acknowledge their tireless efforts in saving lives. A special podcast with Coop's Dad❤️ and the head of the DEA is in production and will be airing on the Coop's Advice YouTube Channel winter of 2023.

Cooper’s life and work shined a light on the urgent need to destigmatize addiction and support comprehensive mental health, and Coop’s Advice will ensure that light continues to shine. "Love You More" - The Coop Family ❤️🙏🏼🦋 -