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This is Coop's Dad. We lost our Beautiful Boy on June 9, 2022, due to Fentanyl poisoning from one Xanax laced with a lethal dose of Fentanyl. So, this is personal for me. Just three days before Cooper passed, he started the Coop's Advice Discord as a safe place for his peers to openly share their struggles concerning mental health and addiction, and find love and support. Since its inception, Coop's Advice has grown to over 225,000 active members worldwide. Please check out the Coop's Advice Discord that our Beautiful Boy started via the link. In just a few days after Coop passed, his management team and closest friends started the Coop's Advice Foundation in memory and support of the platforms Cooper supported. In addition to the Coop's Advice Discord, Coop reached out to the End Overdose foundation and his initial idea was to design a t-shirt and sell it with the proceeds going to support their efforts. Every Coop's Advice merch drop will have merch to continue to support the incredible work that the End Overdose platform is doing. Please visit them on our Resources page. "No one else needs to die!"
The Coop's Advice Foundation will continue to support platforms providing support, awareness, and education regarding the Fentanyl epidemic and the mental health of our youth.
Our Beautiful Boy had the empathy to feel how seriously his generation was struggling and the foresight to engage in solutions. The Coop's Advice Foundation with your help will continue his dream to save lives.
Coop's Dad❤️
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